Look Out! It’s Only My Interview with Kim ‘The Kimmer’ Peterson

“The Kimmer” needs no introduction to those of you reading this from the Atlanta/North Georgia area. For those outside of the region, let me give you a little background on “The Kimmer” and why this interview is special to me.

The Kim Peterson Show used to air on a local Atlanta radio station from 3-7 p.m. The show was your typical AM afternoon drive time show–only better and much funnier. It focused on local Atlanta area politics and news stories, national politics, cultural topics, and even some sports. Two areas set this show apart from all other AM local talk shows: the cast, and their comedic talents. In short, it was wonderful blend of actual news and humor. It more than did its job of getting people through Atlanta’s nightmarish rushhour drives.

The show was important to me because my Father is responsible for tuning me into “The Kimmer,” so we’re bonded by that. The show can also be credited, in part, for inspiring me to create The Conservative Beacon.

“The Kimmer” would often talk on the air about how talk radio, especially local talk radio, becomes almost like a family. It sounds crazy but it’s true. I spent the last three years of high school and most of my college years listening to “The Kimmer” on a daily basis. There were many days that my radio never moved from that particular station (for what it’s worth, I haven’t listened to it since “The Kimmer” left). The show became part of my daily routine. I used to listen to it while I studied or worked on calculus homework. While I might not have been able to count on certain evens occurring, or on certain people, I could always count on The Kim Peterson Show. So it was a staple of my routine–a part of my life.

To give you an example of the bond you can develop with a really good talk show, let me tell this story. The long-time traffic reporter for the station that the show was on passed away one morning. The news spread throughout the station all morning and to The Kimmer’s show in the afternoon. Kimmer opened his phone lines to the callers to share their condolences and any stories they might have of how the traffic reporter impacted their lives.

A father of a little girl called in and said that on the day of his daughter’s first dance recital he got help up in a meeting, forcing him to leave work later than he wanted. He knew traffic would be horrible, including alternate routes. Well it just so happens that Atlanta didn’t have just a traffic reporter, it had the best traffic reporter. This guy knew every possible route, and if he didn’t, he found it. The father of the little girl tuned in for the traffic update and heard of an alternate he hadn’t even thought of. Because of The Kimmer Show and the traffic reporter he made it to his daughter’s recital on time. The father couldn’t get through sharing that story on the air without crying. The Kimmer was crying. I was crying.

There are many more stories like that, but the point is that the show and its listeners had a bond. It was like a family–a family that gotten broken up due to corporate political correctness.

So I ask my national readers to indulge me with this interview a bit. I think you’ll enjoy it even though it isn’t very topical. He’s one of us. He’s a strong, unabashed conservative.

(I hope you Atlanta area readers enjoy this as much as I did!)


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  • Big Al

    Thanks to that idiot Randall Bloomquist for dismissing Kim “The Kimmer” Peterson and Tom “The King” Hughes and turning WGST from a top 10 radio station into one that has lower ratings than the local 1,000 watt stations that cater to illegal aliens. The Kimmer and The King ruled the Atlanta airwaves.

  • Josh Price

    You’re exactly right Big Al. GST may have cut costs but they sure have paid the price for that. It just sucks for us listeners. Kimmer and Tom Hughes are two outstanding radio personalities who were forced to leave prematurely. It just isn’t right.

  • http://www.boscosbeat.blogspot.com Frank

    Good interview. The only suggestion I have is I would have begun with how he felt about Barack Obama as President and gone from there. As a blog writer, if I may make a slight suggestion about your writing skills, I would edit a bit more and check for grammatical errors before I post, but other than that, you have a pleasant writing style, very conversational. very VERY good part in the middle where he was talking about the current state of radio/talk radio.

  • Josh Price


    I appreciate the comments!

    You’re right, this post could have been edited much better. I apologize for the errors. I kind of had to throw this and the interview (I had less than an hour to prepare for the interview) together. No excuses, however.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the interview!

  • Bring Back The Kimmer

    Eternal gratitude to hear the Kimmer again.I don’t know how you found him but I miss him as does everyone else I know.Atlanta Radio is pure dreck now, and the despicable bums who killed WGST /Atlanta Radio deserve to be the first in the Obamarecession bread lines.May the ghost of Skinny Bobby Harper haunt them for eternity.
    All the best to you Kimmer, if I ever have the money I’ll put you back on the air, and Ralph from Ben Hill too just to keep the FEDs off our backs for balance.
    Kimmer Forvever!

  • NewsTalkJunkie

    Hey, Josh, NO APOLOGIES NECESSARY! You had the insight to go after the interview and then made it happen. What a great experience to hear him again, especially with the benefit of hindsight toward the events of the past several years. I’ll post a suggestion on the radio-info board about comparing Kimmer’s political incorrectness to Bill Handel in Los Angeles…Atlanta is a toxic radio environment, probably destined to continue to deteriorate. Thank you, Josh! The herp and ho brought tears to my eyes.

  • Denny

    I miss radio with gumption. Perhaps Kimmer should approach XM/Sirius. I would be honored to produce the show.

  • Diane Offutt

    I agree with Denny above…Kimmer get with XM/Sirius. YOU had a great show at WGST and it would be wonderful to hear your voice again.

  • Diane Offutt

    Thank you Josh…for this great interview. I may not agree with all Kimmer says in reference to politics, however, I have always been a big fan of his. He is a decent and kind person and always contributed to the underdog. I worked with him…so his discussion on corporate was very accurate.

    I truly hope Kimmer decides to approach XM/Sirius. The Kimmer show had a strong following and definitely brought in a healthy revenue stream. I feel strongly he will do the same in whatever market he works in.

    I wish you well Kimmer. Have a good life…..YOU deserve it.

  • Lisa

    So great to hear the Kimmer! I really miss his show. Thanks for doing it!

  • Mark Cooper

    Yes, it is great to hear “The Kimmer” and to know he’s still speaking his mind.

  • http://greysoldier@earthlink.net Clif Westbrook

    Kimmer still has a market in Atlanta for his show, and while he often kidded about not getting syndicated, I believe he could do well in a broader market across the USA as well. It’s true, talk radio in the Atlanta market is all syndicated now, all the local talent (except the name roster on the eternal unchanging WSB) having long since evaporated. If I had a radio station and the money to hire back the great talents that WGST trashed when they canned Kim Peterson, Tom Hughes, Snake Davis, Wayne “Oh No-Offense”, Leslie Sharpe, and Don Gossett, I would do it in a New York Heartbeat and show up the crowd of cowards in the ATL for what they are, and make a FORTUNE doing it. I hope Kimmer tries Satellite/Sirius radio – WE NEED THE KIMMER BACK ON THE AIR, now more than ever! HERP!!!

  • http://www.youtube.com/insanityisland Doug Hayden

    Kimmer was a great part of Atlanta Radio, and a nice guy to boot.
    We were big Kimmer listerners for years, and created a little animated cartoon
    from one of the promo bits from his show called “The Adventures of Kimmerman”.
    Kimmer and Wayne even voiced the second cartoon…here’s the link


    After doing the Kimmer cartoon, we were inspired to do MORE Conservative
    animated cartoons, and post them on YouTube. We’ve really gained a loyal
    following, and it’s led to other projects promoting conservative views,
    and it all started with the Kimmer! I’m just glad I was able to hear him
    on the air…it was a great time.

    Doug Hayden
    Chris Pendarvis

  • Josh Price

    @ Doug and Chris: Your cartoons of Kimmer and Wayne are outstanding! I thoroughly enjoyed them. I would encourage everyone to check them out.

  • Bo

    It was so great to hear the Kimmer again. I’ve not listened to WGST since he left. Would love to have him back on the radio.

    Thanks Josh so much for doing the interview.

    God bless Kimmer. herp, ho, herp

  • Susan

    Oh, Kim, you were the greatest!
    Susan in Woodstock!

  • Tim Heinzel

    I remember listening to the Kimmer on my long commute home each afternoon. He just had a way of making me laugh-even after a hard day. What a Great American he is-for his service to and his love for his country.
    I miss you Kimmer-Semper Fi and God Bless you!

  • Josh Price


    I’m with you. I didn’t have much of a commute but I remember listening to Kimmer each day after class. I can’t tell you how many hours I spent listening to him in the background while doing homework and studying during my college years. My radio didn’t leave GST from 5a.m. to 7p.m.

    I had a routine: wake up to Tom Hughes; listen to Glenn Beck between morning classes; listen to the wonderful Mr. Harvey’s lunchtime update; listen to Rush between afternoon classes; and finally, listen to the Kimmer while doing homework.

    While I certainly don’t miss the homework, I definitely miss that GST lineup.

  • D Muirheid

    Thanks a million times over Josh. Hearing the Kimmer was something I have wanted for years. He made my trips home from work special. If he does end up on XMRadio I will have to get one :-) I miss my Kimmer fix sooooo bad.

  • Dave Sams

    LOVE KIMMER! The Newsmaker Lines were PRICELESS!

  • steve

    JOSH GREAT STORY really miss the kimmer,it was good to hear him agian ,and to watch the kimmerman ,thanks to all…erp

  • Katie Darling

    Josh, thank you so much for this interview with my beloved Kimmer! I was a Kimmer babe even though I where size 10 shoes! In my profession I drove around metro Atlanta all day (fixing copiers/printers) and the Kimmer just made my time on the road fly! My coworkers and I all listened and went to the luncheons when we could. One time during the 1996 Olympics Kimmer had a schtick that was about different atheletes and their profiles. The one about the runner from Africa made me laugh so hard I had people looking at me on the connector thinking I was mad! I loved Lesley Dove, Wayne (no offense) and the whole gang! We still love to yell, “STAFF!?” at our church when there is only 2 people on the staff in memory of him! As a fellow veteran, I will never forget Kim Peterson and his timeless efforts to celebrate the heroes of our great country and raise money for charities!

  • steve

    Well done!!! Alot of memories came rushing back. I rode with the Kimmer on several charity rides and he was as down to earth as they came. I frequently google him hoping he is back on the air…..somewhere. Who knows…..maybe soon.

  • Josh

    Thanks for the interview. He sure is missed and I’d love to have him up here in Minnesota now. It’s crazy the memories…. My 2 year old used to sing along with The Kimmer during his “herp” “ho” “herp”…. Priceless!

    Thanks again Josh

  • Pittsfield Guy

    From the Pittsfield Guy, Kimmer you were the best, wish you would come back. Enjoy your retirement in the Berkshires!

  • Melanie

    Josh, great interview. I have missed listening to the Kimmer show so much and am so happy to hear that he is doing well. He made my drive home in Atlanta traffic bearable and always put a smile on my face. God Bless the Kimmer and hope he can somehow find a way back to radio with Wayne (no offense) and the snake Pete Davis.

  • Josh Price

    @Melanie: Thank you for the kind words. I really enjoyed speaking with Kimmer.

    @everyone: I’m thinking of asking Kimmer if he’d like to come back to The Conservative Beacon periodically (perhaps 4-6 times/year) to discuss topical issues. What do you all think of this idea? Would you be interested in hearing from him semi-regularly?

    Not sure he’ll do it but I’m thinking of asking him about it.

  • http://www.zion412.org George

    Josh, thanks for the great interview. I miss The Kimmer’s voice on the airwaves and it was good to hear him again. He was a big part of my commute when I lived and Atlanta and my work day (via the Internet) when I moved away.

    George in Omaha, NE.

  • Josh Price

    @George: I miss the Kimmer’s voice, too. As I wrote in the post, I spent several of my formative political years listening to him. We could definitely use him on the air again.

  • Tim Heinzel

    I think having the Kimmer on the Conservative Beacon regularly is a great idea! We could all benefit from his unique perspective. Especially in today’s ever changing social and political climate.
    Great idea Josh!

  • Josh Price

    @Tim: That’s exactly what I was thinking. Thanks for the support! I’m really considering approaching him about this and even seeing if we could get a sponsor(s) to along with it.

  • Brother Al

    Yeah boy…that was a real nice Kimmer fix !

  • Josh Price

    Seeking sponsors for a potential Kimmer segment on The Conservative Beacon

    The support for my interview with Kimmer has been overwhelming. This has prompted me to float the idea of a sponsored, recurring segment featuring Kimmer on The Conservative Beacon.

    Do any of y’all know of any companies that might be interested in sponsoring or advertising this potential segment. If so, please email me with any details.

    I’m going to try to make this a reality because I know that we all miss hearing Kimmer regularly.

  • Brian in Lawrenceville


    Great interview with the Kimmer! I was listening to XM the other day driving home from work, and on came Kimmer’s (CCR), theme song on the classic rock channel. I started herping and hawing out loud in the car. Afternoon talk radio will never be the same in Atlanta. I can only take so much Hannity, and Kimmer had a unique way of blending the news with humor, (Jim Gossett). If I had the $$, I would put him back on the air. He could be a hit on XM, and I am surprised they have not made him an offer.

    Kimmer, we miss you and want you back!

  • Josh Price


    Thank you so much for the compliment on the interview. I know I hear “Up Around the Bend” by CCR without thinking about Kimmer. Those truly were great times.

    I am in the process of trying to put together a weekly podcast with the Kimmer. I’m vigorously pursuing sponsors so that we can get this thing up and running.

  • Jill

    If I had a business I would sponsor your podcast. Thanks for the Kimmer interview. He used to make me laugh so hard my stomach would hurt!

  • Josh Price

    @ Jill: Thanks for listening to the interview. Hopefully we can get something to put together where everyone will be able to hear us once-a-week.

    I promise, I’m trying to make this happen. Unfortunately, we need financing to make this happen and money is tight for everyone. Hopefully we’ll be able to pull this off though.

  • Ron Lowenthal

    Great interview. Was so glade to hear the “Kimmer” again. Sure do mss his show! I have not lstened to 610 since. Wish he would go on Sirius. Better yet come back to Atlanta.

    It was the only bright spot when I first moved here in 94.
    Just glade his health is good and he is doing well.

    Good to hear hs voice. Thanks for a great interview.

  • Josh Price

    @ Ron and everyone else: I can’t thank you enough for all of the positive feedback on this interview. It has really been overwhelming. This interview generated several thousand views in just a few days and we’re up to 30+ comments–all of this with virtually no publicity. That’s why Kimmer and I are trying to put a consistent segment together. All of this feedback has proven there is significant demand for it.

    I know it wouldn’t be as good as being on the radio, but it would be an easily accessible, weekly dose of him.

    Thank you again for all of the kind words. Please keep the feedback coming!

  • Ajay

    Thanks for bring this interview!

    Where can we get the CD’s of Kimmer !

  • Josh Price

    @ Ajay: I apologize for the delayed response. Ebay will probably be your best option for finding the Kimmer CDs. Let us know if you have any luck.

    Thanks for listening to the interview!

  • Hank

    Thanks so much for this interview. Maybe the only to get Kim back out there is for you to have a monthly interview and post it online. I love hearing Kim again and I,m going to pull out my Kimmer CDs and listen to them. Please someone bring back THE KIMMER.

  • Josh Price

    @ Hank: Thank you for checking out the interview! We are working very hard to put something together. Please stay tuned!

  • Ed in Acworth

    I was feeling down after listening to wgst and the lack of anything interesting and googled “the kimmer” and found this interview. Almost cried, it was so good to hear his voice again. Not sure how you found him and arranged this, but a huge thanks. Hope you can work something out about having on here again.

  • Josh Price

    @ Ed: I’m so glad you enjoyed the interview. I’m optimistic that we are going to be able to put some together on a regular basis. We’re working hard to get it done. Stay tuned!

  • Mike in Woodstock

    The Kimmer’s show was one of the best things about living in Atlanta! He sounds great. Thank you so much for doing the interview. I hope he really knows how much he is missed and yes, (gulp) loved by his Atlanta family. All the best to you and the Kimmer!
    Mike Brent
    Woodstock, GA

  • George

    Holy Crap!! Where has he been?? Josh thank you so much for bringing KP back…if even for a few moments. Can’t tell you how much I miss the Kimmer. He was such a part of Atl. culture for many of us.
    Sempre Fi Kimmer!!!

  • http://brokersfirstrealty.com Doug Quance

    It was soooo good to hear the Kimmer, once again. :-)

    I can’t believe it’s been more than three years… that’s too long!

    I wrote a tribute to the Kimmer back then… but had to close the comments due to heavy spamming on that thread:


    You’re still a great American, Kim. I wish you all the happiness in the world.

  • steve
  • Chris in Roswell

    Holy crap it was good to hear this interview with the Kimmer. After listening to his show since highschool, I find myself sitting in traffic and thinking about what kind of funny or angry rants he would have on todays news worthy topics.
    I now have 2 sons that sit in the car with me in Atlanta traffic comming home from school. Would be great if thier world views could have been shaped in part by the Kimmer Show.
    HANK- did you say that you had some of the KIMMER CD’s from the Toy’s for Tot’s drives? I have been listening to my (1) CD for 3 years now! HELP!
    Bring back KP!!

  • http://www.freerepublic.com/~davidlachnicht David Lachnicht

    Still think about “The Kimmer” often, else how would I have stumbled upon this interview? We need more humor mixed in with the daily disaster that is the news lately.

  • Josh Price

    @ everyone: Once again, I can’t thank you all enough for your interest in and appreciation for this interview. This has proven that there is tremendous demand for Kimmer to be heard once again. I hope to make an announcement on that front in the next week or two.

    Stay tuned…

  • Susan in Cumming

    I grew up listening to Kimmer and miss him very much! I am sure i could go on and on about how he influenced me and about the amount of joy and laughter that his show provided. I would be over joyed to have him on the air again!!!!

  • Ray

    Loved the interview!! Great to hear from the Kimmer again. I would love to hear regular interviews if you can arrange it. Thanks again.

  • Ossie

    I don’t know the Kim Peterson, but I knew the Kimmer…..and I tell you, talk about having someone being part of your life. I never did agree with much of his politics, but goodness he made me laugh and smile my way through the worst Atlanta traffic with his politics, stories, jokes. Can any of you remember how you felt when he took the day off? Brutal…..absolutely brutal. All of a sudden you remembered other radio stations. With the Kimmer, it was almost like a marraige. When driving I would talk (scream) to him (the radio i.e.)and those were the days of no ear pieces….imagine how I looked.
    When I moved away, I listened on the internet….to me, radio has not been the same since he retired. The man was just flat out different. As an African American, I may not have liked Kim Petersen the man if I met him (and possibly vice versa) but I tell you, The Kimmer was a blessing to me. God bless The Kimmer (and Kim Petersen)…..you are missed big time.

  • Fred in Columbus

    Thank you so much for the interview! I was great to hear his voice, especially the laugh. Glad to hear that he is healthy. I think about the show almost every day. I hope to hear more interviews here.

  • tim flanagan

    There is a God….Thank you Josh and Kimmer….The little people need you now more than ever…It’s so great to hear your voice again…I lost all my Kimmer CD’s in a house fire and have been Kimmerless for way too long….Welcome back Kimmerman!!!!

  • rick

    hey kimmer!!!! i’m backing in in! and lets not forget atlantic station is open!!
    thanks for the fun ride home!!

  • Steve

    Great to hear his voice again. I had the pleasure of meeting both Kim and Wayne (No Offense); Kim at Earl Small’s, where he autographed two (2) Kimmer CD’s (the last and the one (1) with the Roast) for me, and Wayne (at Harry’s in Marietta – doing an afternoon “on air” cooking show), and these were the nicest guys you could ever meet. I’ll never forget Kim’s “herps and ho’s”, and Wayne’s infectious “chuckle.” I still listen to the CD’s, when I wanna laugh – because Atlanta Radio just isn’t the same without these guys. A Salute to Kim (the Stain)Peterson, Wayne (No Offense) Kitchens, Tom (the King) Hughes, Pete (Snake) Davis, and Jim Gossett. Let’s get these guys back together! Lord knows we need something to laugh at – anymore.

  • http://www.rthunder.com Chipa Wolfe

    I was probably one of his most lib listeners and came to find he had a real balancing act within his place of politics opposed to many bashers.
    He was a really spoke out against animal abuse and did not pull any punches regarding such. He supported the troops and many a cause that he would personally show up at on his good looking custom Harley. Don’t know what happened to him but I miss his voice on the air. Have not listened to talk radio since he disappeared. Have a happy day, Chipa Wolfe Jasper, GA

  • Greg Henderson

    I am a salesman and driving around from appt to appt was mad liveable by the Kimmer…it was his passion for topics and that voice of his …I miss Pete Davis, Wayne No Offense and Jim Gossett …it was classic comedy ..they made fun of every race, religion and background ..so much of it was true ..Political correctness is killing our freedoms!!..sometimes the truth hurts while being funny as well !!! Miss ya Kimmer …it was a family and it is still a family !!!

  • Alex

    Opposing animal abuse is not a Leftist ideal.