Trickle Down Tyranny Is The Blueprint For Defeating Obama

Economies can be rebuilt, armies can be repopulated, but once a nation’s pride is gone it can almost never be restored. The loss of a nation’s honor is something not even centuries can repair.

–Michael Savage, Trickle Down Tyranny: Crushing Obama’s Dream Of The Socialist States Of America

Conservative radio talk-show host and New York Times bestselling author Michael Savage returns to the written word this week with what might turn out to be his most important contribution to America and, in a broader sense, the preservation of traditional Western culture: Trickle Down Tyranny: Crushing Obama’s Dream Of The Socialist States Of America.

Savage returns to the literary world in his sixth non-fiction political work with a sobering, non-pollyannish State of The Union under the emerging dictator Barack Hussein Obama. He puts forth, as only Savage can, an unambiguous and concise blueprint, devoid of bumper-sticker platitudes, that will lead to the defeat of Obama’s attempted socialist takeover of America.

Savage begins Trickle Down Tyranny with an important premise that few will state, including the Republican frontrunner for president, Mitt Romney: Obama hates America and virtually everything for which it has stood for almost 236 years.

Savage writes, “Obama–classic narcissist that he is–is remaking this country in his own image, turning it into something that reflects the belief system he was brainwashed into accepting by the leftist mentors of his youth.” (p. 41)

Under Obama, the notion of American Exceptionalism, at least the Tocqueville-Reagan depiction of a shining beacon of liberty radiating throughout the world, ceases to exist. Sure, America is still exceptional. If by exceptional one is referring to a former global superpower that now resembles a Lesser-Developed Country seemingly headed towards Third World status.

We are playing witness to the emergence of, as Savage would say, a would-be dictator in Obama the likes of which we have not seen since since Obama’s idol, FDR. He is driving us towards a Third-World Banana Republic ruled by a puppet dictator.

In response to the tyrannical actions of Obama which include the appointment of unaccountable czars, destroying economic liberty, ignoring the will of the People, trampling on States’ rights, etc., Savage calls for a new Declaration of Independence. A new declaration is needed, Savage writes, because “Obama fits our founders’ definition of a tyrant.” (p. 31)

Think we’ll ever hear the Republican nominee describe the threat Obama poses to liberty in such unequivocal terms? Of course not! And that is the only reason why an Obama defeat in November remains in doubt. The majority of Americans disapprove of the job Obama has done. How could they not? Many of them only voted for Obama in 2008 simply because they were caught up in the tsunami of celebrity and superficial awe generated by the mainstream media. Most of them had immediate voter’s remorse.

Americans are now pleading for a leader to emerge that will defeat Obama and his Fabian-socialist takeover of America. Savage provides the blueprint for defeating Obama in a single paragraph:

The list of economic failures includes the first debt downgrade in U.S. history, and the highest budget deficits, federal spending, and federal debt as a percentage of GDP since World War II. Under Obama home ownership has declined to its lowest level since the 1960s. The number of Americans paying taxes is the lowest in the modern era, while those dependent on the government for aid is the highest in history.

That is Obama’s record. It’s indefensible. That is Obama’s America. It’s, to use a word the “green” movement loves, unsustainable. (You’re welcome, GOP, for the free campaign theme: “Obama’s America: It’s unsustainable.”)

The Republican nominee should quote that paragraph at every stump speech and appearance during the 2012 campaign. But I’m not so sure there is a leader in the Republican Party with the intestinal fortitude of Michael Savage.

One thing is for sure. We will know the leader when we see him because, according to Savage, he “must love America. The next president must embody unequivocally everything that is good about this country going back to its founding.”

If such a leader emerges and Barack Obama is defeated, Trickle Down Tyranny will not be known simply as another New York Times Bestseller, but instead as the catalyst for restoring America’s honor and pride.

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  • Guest1

    spread the word around all facets of communication, including Facebook.

  • joe

    spread the word, amen!

  • Carlos Cuellar

    amen freedom rings take the thug commie out

  • Randy

    Mr. Price or just Josh,
    What we CCA’s (constitutional conservative americans) are all about is saving our country, our homes and our national honor. We do not need to continue to this stupid petty BS  about every little thing that we may disagree within the conservative ranks. We need to solidify are our ranks against OBAMA  and not ourselves. The small things can be dealt with once we save our country, homes and our national honor. To quote General Douglas MacArthur ” there is no substitute for victory”. We win this fight for our children and grandchildren or they become slaves to the Obama’s of the world. We need to get Mr. Mitt Romney off his dead butt and get him to fight the good fight, fight for what He really believes in.  Hopefully, it is Jesus, his lovely wife and children, his country and his honor and in that order. If we loose this time I believe like Michael Savage it is all over. Also I believe in God Almighty, and He gave us all the will to choose and if we just put our heads in the sand then we deserve what we get. But for me and my family we will fight so Mr. Mitt Romney do what your gut says to do and FIGHT the best fight you will ever fight and forget about what your advisors have to say. President Truman said the buck stops here, your the boss then boss, your the leader then LEAD.  Lead the the Constitutional Conservative American’s back to there home —- Here in America.

  • Weinernation

    Im going to the book store today to pick up my copy of trickle down tranny. I think that it is by far Michael weiners most important book to date. I understand that he discusses his battles with being a man trapped in a women’s body. And how he walks the streets of San fransicko late at night with only his purse, wig, and high heels on. I really applaud him for coming out this way and hope that he can encourage other old crazy republicans like himself to do the same.

  • gantry

     Sorry, but no cigar.  You should realize your limitations.  Progressive maggots don’t have a sense of humor nor honor.  You just proved it!

  • Hughjazhole

    I too am looking forward to reading this transgender masterpiece. I understand that doctor savage explains to his audience the proper way to tuck your ball sack without showing. He also tells his readers what type of peanut butter is safe for their dogs to consume when licking it from their taint. His dog Teddy prefers Jiffy.

  • Mikeoxsmall

    Savage, A great quote able line from this masterpiece is “I once consumed a entire meatball through my rectum and spit up red sauce”

  • Nickgers

    Hey weiner, I enjoy listening to you, but if I got 5 cents for every time you used the letter “I” I would be a very wealthy man. Even your son has said publicly that your ego is unbearable.

  • Chrismatherene

    Savage, your on live 2 hours a day. Don’t you think that the Laura Ingram interview could’ve waited till hour 3? I mean really, we only get 2 hours of you live!

  • conservativebeacon

     Very well stated Randy.

    I mostly agree with your overall point that victory, in this case defeating Obama, is what matters. But we also must make sure that we are voting for someone who is  a clearly distinguishable  alternative to Obama. On Obamacare, a paramount issue in this campaign, Romney is virtually indistinguishable from Obama.

    Where you are 100% right though is on the importance of this election. As I said on The Savage Nation last night, everyone election cycle we are told that the present election is the most important, but 2012, I believe is the election where we either begin turning America around, or we ultimately lose this great republic and for which it stands.

  • daveisnotmyrealname

    Wow, what kind of drugs are you on? Obviously you don’t even know the man well enough to know that he’s not a republican. Hope you feel better now though after spewing your little bit of hatred. You commie puke.

  • daveisnotmyrealname

    It’s ok if you want to come out of the closet, huge a-hole. You don’t need to project your fantasies on other people to do it though.

  • daveisnotmyrealname

    Maybe if you listened to him enough to know his past, and his accomplishments, you would give him a pat on the back and say somthing like “Wow your successes are well deserved, and Thank you, for your contributions”. I only wish he would run for president, AND stay on the air!

  • Eatontwats

    He was looking for people to call in with there favorite quotes from the book. How about “If I’m not for myself then who am I, if I’m only for myself then I must be a raving lunatic named Michael savage”

  • Jamesbcrownover

    I have read the comments below and find that the first one from RANDY is within my sphere of influence.  IT IS RIGHT ON THE MARK!  I don’t know how this fellow Obama, who was born in Kenya of a black man not married to his mother, ( he is not an American), ever got to be president of the United States.  It wasn’t on his own.  He is part of a conspiracy of powerful people who want to drag us down to their level.   He is attempting to destroy a wonderful nation that was envisioned by Gearge Washington with all of the safety features to exclude HIS TYPE ( not an American) from office.  Pelosie signed him into the race for president but LIED on the application.  He has been squandering our hard earned money on projects he thinks are marvelous.  Our only hope is to GET HIM OUT OF THE PRESIDENCY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE OR SOONER AND RESTORE THE THINGS HE HAS STAGNATED. 

  • Mynamesnotdaveitsshitforbrains

    Ok, mr. Daveisnotmyrealnameitsmichaelweiner, I get it! Your a weiner robot, or maybe a weiner plant that was sent by his son Russell “golden shower” weiner to dismiss his critics. I’ve heard that he does that allot in order to help feed his fathers huge ego.

  • daveisnotmyrealname

    Ok you’re the one wiener on the brain. And what is golden shower? Based on what you’ve said so far, it’s gotta be something perverted

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  • conservativebeacon


    Reading some of the perverted, inane comments from the liberal whackjobs on this post should leave no doubt as to how Obama–a naked Fabian socialist–was elected.

  • Markstephensgessner

    Go away to obama land you fool dave is not my name . Are you like obama and you don’t even know your name

  • daveisnotmyrealname

    Wow, have a beer and smoke a cigarette and relax will ya. It’s gonna be ok

  • Daniel

    This book provides a practical sane solution to the mental illness that is now the liberalistic virus in our beloved country.

  • Jen

    “One thing is for sure. We will know the leader when we see him because, according to Savage, he “must love America”. AMEN!

    Stop this class division crap, anybody who has worked their butt off should not be felt like it’s a crime. Our leader should lead us as our Founders expected, onward to Greatness!

  • Weinetnation101

    Can’t wait to see how Michael savage and the weiner nation spins his poor book sales. He didn’t even make the ny times top 50. Richard maddow was #1. I can hear weiner now, “he’s number 1 cause he has his own show on msnbc and he promotes it every day” while weiner is saying this he will be giving away free books to callers which count towards his sales total. Hillarious!

  • Daveisarealshithead

    Dave, face it, weiner is a narcissistic old crabby man. He said on his show Friday that his book would be either #1 or 2 on tuesday. Well, it’s tuesday and his book didn’t even make it to the top 50. Did he say a word about it tuesday? Nope, cause even with weiner giving away books on his show he couldn’t get into the top 50.

  • conservativebeacon

     I understand that you might like or agree with Savage, but what did Teddy do for you to include him in your perversion???

  • conservativebeacon

    Excellent point Jen.

    This administration is destroying the American spirit and is doing so because Barack Obama loathes this country and everything for which we stand.

  • Seanhauler

    I listened to his show yesterday and he didnt mention his book making it to the NY times best seller list.  He said last week that it was suppose to be #1.  I hope that it makes it because it is a really good book. 

  • daveisnotmyrealname

    well, realshithead, I didn’t hear how Dr Savage’s book sales has gone. I’m sure after being on the shelves for just over a week, he’s not complaining, but I wouldn’t know. As for him being crabby, I wouldn’t know that either. I know that being a patriot, he can get pretty riled watcing you liberals tear this country down. I’m sure you’re digging though huh?

  • Elieinulick

    News flash weiner! Your book is not #3 on the ny times best seller list as you lied about on your show wedsday. It’s actually no where to be found, but I guess that’s the liberals fault too.

  • Noweineronnytimesbestseller

    Even funnier! Savage actually said that Obama will win the 2012 election unless his listeners buy his shity book. This old nutjob must still be smoking weed.

  • Margretcho12

    Weiner was crying and angry on his show wed. about his poor book sales. His naracisim is so bad that he was bitching at his audience for not buying his book. He was making some really crazy comments.

  • Trickledowntranny

    Weiner has it up to #2 on the ny times best seller list, before his show is over no doubt in his mind it will be #1.

  • aleddie1

    You must be Axelrod or Wasserman-Schultz.

  • Delusionweiner

    The Delusion weiner was talking again on his show Friday about how his book is #2. I guess he doesn’t know how to look up the ny times best sellers. He is no where to be found. He also said that Obama is targeting him directly. Talk about nuts!

  • Justhefacts

    Do you have a point, or are just bitter because no woman will have you?

  • conservativebeacon

     Of course he doesn’t have a point. He’s a liberal!

  • Annezagorski

    Dear Michael,
    This past Thursday I made a special trip to Barnes and Noble and bought 2 of your books.  Abuse of Power and Trickle down Tyranny.  Thank you Michael for your important books and everything you do to get the truth out to an ignorant public!.  Thursday was right before the end of Pesach but getting your latest book was a priority for me. 
    I live in the heart of the Welfare State (Brooklyn) in the Flatbush, Boro Park area.  I’m strictly observant, and am a true Coservative.  I’m a child of survivors who would be  horrified if they were still living and would see how this great USA has changed.  it is simply unrecognizeable. 
    Michael is there any way that it would be possible to meet you and to help you get your vital information out to our Jewish Observant public?  I could arrange for you to speak in my home or any other venue.  I really do hope to hear from you, ASAP.  the books are incredible. Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Sincerely yours,  Chan Zagorski. 

  • Mike

    Yes, I enjoyed and agree 100% with this post. Mr. Savage tells it like it really is.

  • Robert Johnson

    I have listened to Dr. Savage since his coming to radio in northern Calif.
    I learned to dislike and love his comments, authority of the white supremacy..
    I was very much aware of how plain folks have difficulties speaking with him.
    IHAVE NEVER HEARD SO MANY PERSONAL INSULTS to A SITTING US PRESIDENTS as I have form the mouth of Dr. Savage—–I do know this, one look up the words use during his name calling—the dictionary word is NIGGER, who denied using racist language on duty

    Explains why he is offended at past presidents referred to as ignorant.
    Only he can call Obama ignorant, stupid, dumb, a very arrogant inhumanity, a presumably inferior and sub-human person

    How he loves so call blacks who have set themselves apart from the black race, as well as any other people of color only allowed conversation on his show such as the caller on 5/2/12.
    As a 68 yr old Baptist associate–no minister has ever controlled my thinking.
    Who more than Michael Savage can cry out every day about how others are creating racial divide in hte US. His own prejudices come out in the conduct of his show.  Listen how he speaks of Hawaian Natives. How is it that the accuseer is not quilty of the very same acts that he points out so boldly about others.
    Hatred from the White House, Rev Wright—then those who have listened to Dr. Savage as long as I have know his audiance—-white white white …………………………………
    One of the true spoken RACIST IN OUR NATION
    He perpetuates hatred daily and directs/reflects his actions by highlighting others such as that niggar in the White House.

    Says how dare a person call past dead presidents ignorant.  Forgive me—ignorant is a N word description— White president cannot be ignorant .

    Beware of the niggar in the white house has now changed to nigger dictator.

  • Isis Borrero20

     agree 1000%

  • impeachhobama

    Mr Savage is a beacon of truth, a voice to wake up brain dead America, and a Patriot.  That the US can produce a man of this high quality, whose parents came here from distant lands to live the American Dream contrasts that of Obama whose American hating parents, one a foreigner from Kenya were Communists dedicated to destroy this Republic.

    Mr. Savage despite death threats and lawsuits continues his radio broadcast nightly, broadcasting the truth  to America.   America is becoming a dumb’d down nation, of illegal immigrants-illiterate and in search of welfare and promises by the Marxist Democrats.  There are over 80 Communists serving in the US Congress today, elected by their communities of recent immigrants both illegal and naturalized. 

     The immigrants of today are not like those of the early years of this nation, who were seeking escape from tyranny, famine and religious persecution.  Today’s immigrants come illegally, seeking handouts, government welfare, and free hospitals to bear their children.  These are the future Marxists who will control the Democratic National Party.  

    This is Treason, for Marxist Democrat legislators to circumvent immigration law so that millions of illegals can enter and remain in the US-the same illegals they will mentor and turn into Democrat voters, creating a super-majority of Marxist Democrat voters to take over the Government.

    We must end this Marxist conspiracy, starting with the removal of the Obama regime, and dismantling their organization one by one. This Marxist infection goes far and wide and is in every public institution and agency, and in private industry and media.  The Marxists are controlling the schools and colleges, from grade level to Doctorate.  The Commies have had over one hundred years to quietly infiltrate and install their operatives, and so it will take great effort to identify and deal with all of them, so we must start now..

  • Gerribe

    Trickle Down Tyranny is a great book to use for defeating Obama. I’ve now sent a copy to Mitt Romney. Let’s hope he uses the winning advice that jumps out from this book

  • Kevin Retcho

     Howard Stearn is that you!  You wish you had the Education  of uncle Mike.
    go back to talk about little girls and boys panties

  • The3ndgame

    Ron Paul is the answer, period.